Our Mission

Hi, I’m Pamela. When I had the idea for Superpower Academy, I was working as an attorney and startup executive. My husband was managing a dental practice. Life was hectic! When we made time for our kids, we were too tired to think up activities and frustrated with commercial options that left little room for big ideas.

So, my daughter, Riley, and I created Superpower Academy for busy families, like yours. We worked with experts to “kid-size” modern leadership and entrepreneurship curriculum and promote skills like self-management, emotional intelligence, resilience and empathy. Our “learn by doing” approach puts kids in control. Our commitment is to deliver a FUN head start in life.

Founders Pamela Joe & Riley Joe

Founders Pamela Joe & Riley Joe


Kids become Heroes in Training and complete “secret missions” to earn Superpowers. It won’t always be easy, but heroes never give up! Ages 5-10.



Empowering kids with the social and emotional skills needed for life-long success.

How It Works


What's in the Box?

Unpack a Box

Each box contains a hands-on STEAM project, a comic or story of a real hero, a workbook, a parent guide and fun surprises!


The “REAL” Lessons

Each box is designed to promote a different set of social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. Strong SEL skills make a difference.


Thanks to our Super Collaborators!


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It begins with Imagination + Inspiration

It begins with Imagination + Inspiration

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