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Superpower Academy is an award-winning subscription to promote growth mindset, mindfulness and social and emotional growth. Young heroes in training receive “Secret Missions” and and embark upon a hero’s journey to discover their inner superpowers! Ages 5-10.

Our Mission


Superpower Academy Founder Pamela Joe was born and raised in Hawaii.  She studied psychology at Stanford University and graduated from UCLA School of Law. As a young mother of two, she became invested in new psychological research that was changing the way experts were thinking about child development and education. 

These new learnings indicated that strong social and emotional learning (SEL) skills, such as self-awareness, dealing with emotions, problem-solving, and empathy, are better predictors of lifelong success than IQ and STEM training. 

Realizing that many kids may be missing some of life’s most important skills, she brought together a team of academics, educators, designers and community leaders to create Superpower Academy for accelerated SEL growth and a fun head start in life!


Kids become heroes in training and complete “secret missions” to earn superpowers. It won’t be easy, but heroes never give up!



Empowering kids with social and emotional skills for life-long success.

How It Works


The “REAL” Lessons

Each box builds SEL skills that are key for leadership, innovation and general world-saving.

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It begins with Imagination + Inspiration

It begins with Imagination + Inspiration

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