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Secret Missions. Exciting Adventures.

Your child will develop advanced Social-Emotional and STEM skills all while saving the world.

Become a Real Life Hero

STEM + Social & Emotional Learning

Become a Real Life Hero

Cast your child as the hero in their own adventure story.

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Don't Let your Child Miss Out

Did you know that STEM and Social Emotional Learning enhances cognitive development and emotional intelligence in children?

Increased Ability to Understand Their Own Emotions and Self-Regulate

Increased Critical Thinking and Decision Making Skills

Increased Capacity for Empathy

11% Increase in Academic Success  

Increased Sense of Self Worth

Become a Real Life Hero

Begin Your Adventure!

Your Child will receive a personalized recording detailing their secret mission! They will have to use their new found Social Emotional and STEM skills to overcome challenges and save the day.

Become a Real Life Hero

How It Works

Tell us your child’s name at checkout. We’ll personalize their first box to make it feel like a REAL superpower adventure!

Your child’s first box ships within 5 business days. Once they discover how fun learning can be they will be so excited to receive their box every month!

They will practice resilience, mindfulness and empathy, and build character as they discover their place in the world.

Become a Real Life Hero

What's Inside?

Secret Mission Folder

A workbook of secret mission activities that they must complete in order to save the day.

Coloring Sheets

Coloring sheets that depict the challenge they will be facing.

Parent Resources

We provide resources for parents to be able to engage in their child's adventure and learning.

Inspiring Stories

A Comic or Book that tells the tale of a real life hero, who overcame the odds and found victory.

Newspaper Clipping

Newspaper clipping declaring the world is in danger and calling your little hero to save the day.

Buildable Projects

Hands on projects they must put together in order to achieve victory.

Become a Real Life Hero

Why Superpower Academy?


Secret Missions

Read. Read. Read.

Parent Tips

Fun STEM projects build key skills and keep kids engaged and learning.

Hidden messages and other surprises make learning an adventure!

Comics and stories of real life heros get kids READING!

We do the research so you don't have to. We'll send you quick tips, articles, & book lists.

Become a Real Life Hero

See What Customers are Saying!

“We have been ordering this for my 6 year old for about a year now and he has loved every single box!”

- JenT.

"Great product. Great Service. It has been the best thing for my 8-year-old daughter. Thank you!"

- JJ.

"I gave the three month subscription to my nephew for Christmas.
He loved it! Thanks!"

- Catherine

"My six year old twin boys LOVE Superpower Academy!"

— Brooke S.

Superpowers Your Child Will Develop


By exploring the power of flight kids will understand what it is to have a growth-mindset while striving for improvement and resilience.

Super Sight

By visualizing emotions, kids increase awareness of their own feelings and practice emotion management to appreciate the benefits of thinking with a clear mind.

Mind Reading

Kids practice empathy, advocacy and kindness by understanding the feelings of someone in trouble, speaking on their behalf and caring for their future.


Through dice rolling and storytelling, kids practice inventing BIG ideas and finding their courage.

Laser focus

A "Feeling Finder" helps kids increase their emotional intelligence and explore calming strategies.

Hero Me

By appreciating their strengths and beliefs, and discovering what is in their heart, kids learn how to find their courage and become the best version of themselves.

Become a Real Life Hero

Skills Your Child Can’t Afford to Be Without

Studies show that kids without Social and Emotional training fail to reach their full potential.

Become a Real Life Hero

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