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Month to Month ($29.95)

FREE shipping in the US.  CANCEL AT ANYTIME.

"Secret Missions" are shipped the last week of each month. Orders placed after the 20th will ship the last week of the following month.

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Your child will  join a secret society of heroes in training.  "Secret Missions" arrive by mail and must be completed to earn superpowers like FLIGHT, SUPER SIGHT and MIND-READING.  Deliveries include open-ended projects, comic books, stories of real heroes and lots of fun surprises!


A Subscription for Creative Play

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Superpower Academy is an Award-Winning series of kits that teaches kids lifelong skills like creative risk-taking, settling their emotions, working through frustration and finding the courage to stand-up for what they believe.    

Designed for ages 5-10.



"Hands on exploration is the best way to learn."


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Community Love:


Wyatt got his Superpower Academy box and is OBSESSED!!! Best mail day ever!!!...I would recommend this to anybody....Seriously blown away.
— Lauren, Mom of Wyatt (6)

Screentime OFF

Our children are forced to challenge themselves with engaging non-screentime activities....Thank you to The Coy, deliverer of awesomeness!
— Dave, Dad of Mira (6)

Key Lessons

Long after other toys come and go, the joy of succeeding after “failing” and innovating will last and serve our children well...Superpower Academy missions inspire Chelsea to create, experiment and innovate, all while having a blast! She is able to discover her own path with project-based SUPER FUN activities, which ignites her creativity, openness, and resilience.
— Lisa, Mom of Chelsea (8)


I love that it encouraged my son to literally think “outside the box.” It was amazing to see that spark of creativity and enthusiasm.
— Nikki, Mom of Jacoby (8)

What's in the Box?


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Play like you used to PLAY.