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STEM + Social & Emotional Learning

Become a Real Life Hero

Cast your child as the hero in their own adventure story.

Get My Superpower Box

Secret Missions. a hero's journey.

💥Your child will develop social, emotional, and STEM skills every month, all while saving the world!💥
(ages 5-10)

Become a Real Life Hero


Don't Let your Child Miss Out

Did you know a Google® study on performance found that the seven top skills for success in STEM jobs are social-emotional? Skills such as dealing with emotions, learning from mistakes, listening and empathy enhance cognitive development, enable problem-solving and innovation, and empower effective leaders. Imagine the difference it would make if kids learned these skills from the beginning.

Increased Self-Confidence and Emotion Regulation

Increased Positive Risk-Taking and Problem-Solving

Increased Capacity for Empathy and Positive Relationships

11% Increase in Academic Success  

Increased Sense of Self Worth & Lifelong Success and Fulfillment

Become a Real Life Hero

Begin Your Adventure!

Superpower Academy is a series of monthly boxes that build key Social, Emotional & STEM skills in a FUN way. A secret recording invites your child to join a society of heroes. Monthly Superpower Missions task your child with READing, BUILDing, and THINKing big ideas to save the day.

Become a Real Life Hero

How It Works

Tell us your child’s name at checkout. We’ll send a personalized recording inviting them to begin a REAL superpower adventure!

Your child’s first box ships within 5 business days. Once they discover how fun earning superpowers can be they will be excited to receive their box every month!

Your child will practice resilience, growth mindset and empathy, as they come to the rescue and save the world.

Become a Real Life Hero

What's Inside?


Your child must complete monthly secret missions in order to save the day.

READ. Read. Read.

Your child will read inspiring stories of comic and real life heroes who used their superpowers to overcome the odds.

BUILD. Hands-On.

Cool STEM projects help your child practice and develop skills such as problem solving, emotion regulation, risk-taking and  empathy.


Out-of-the-box open ended art pages challenge your child's creativity and reinforce key lessons.

Just for PARENTS.

Resources and tips make supporting your child's learning fun and easy.

lifelong superpowers

Your child will discover real "powers" for lifelong leadership, innovation and success.

Become a Real Life Hero

See What Customers are Saying!

"This morning was one of our best mornings. I was patient, he was interested. We used our Superpower academy box to talk about emotions, learn about Gandhi and how to make different colors by mixing primary colors. It was AWESOME!! So many great ways to teach our kids and he loves these subscription boxes for sure."

-Lani D.

"The thing that I enjoyed the most was the inclusion of the Crash and Learn comic book in which Freddie Try Again experiments with the concept of flight. He fails often, and even gets frustrated. The comic book states that 'Freddie felt like his head was exploding!'. I often have conversations with my children about how feelings of frustration can impede learning, such as it was doing from Freddie Try Again. The comic book gives several really helpful ideas to children about how to overcome frustration. I really appreciate how Superpower Academy addresses the emotional aspect that is involved within the scientific process. Experimentation can be a fun, but frustrating, process, and children need to learn how to deal with emotions as they encounter barriers."


"It was amazing to see my daughter confidently trying to problem-solve instead of getting upset about the fact that it hadn’t worked right away. Instead of disappointment, she was eager to keep trying and figure out how she could correct the issue. I was really impressed with the way this Superpower Academy box managed to teach about failure in such a meaningful and engaging way! I could see how my daughter responded (and has responded since then) to the challenges with a sense of confidence and purpose instead of just retreating and giving up, which is definitely a powerful trait to have. I thought the materials and presentation were great, especially that recorded message (so cool!) and the fact that they offered some creativity and freedom within the projects made it an even more meaningful experience. I’m totally on board with this box!"'

-Brandi D.

"As soon as my children saw the personalized box marked "For Kids Eyes Only" from the Superpower Academy they immediately wanted to open it up. And, as soon as the box was opened, they were immediately captivated by the "super secret message" and "top secret flight mission". The compelling packaging and storyline hooked my children, ages nine and ten, from the beginning. They were able to go through the material independently, and complete the easy-to-follow instructions. My third and fifth grader were not overwhelmed by the reading involved, and, in fact, reluctant readers may even be motivated by the excitement that this product elicits."


"My six year old twin boys LOVE Superpower Academy!"

— Brooke S.

"Subscription boxes are all the rage, so it can be hard to sift out which ones are truly a win. When my kids met up with their Superpower Academy boxes, we were wowed! These at-home kits deliver hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) projects that encourage a growth mindset and social and emotional learning right to your door. The box of reading and maker activities is such a cool way to support the concepts promoted at my kids’ school. A letter/magazine is also sent to parents to help explain the purpose and use of the boxes!"

-Meredith S.

“We have been ordering this for my 6 year old for about a year now and he has loved every single box!”

- JenT.

Become a Real Life Hero

superpowers your child will develop


By exploring the power of flight kids will understand what it is to have a growth-mindset while striving for improvement and resilience.

Super Sight

By visualizing emotions, kids increase awareness of their own feelings and practice emotion management to appreciate the benefits of thinking with a clear mind.

Mind Reading

Kids practice empathy, advocacy and kindness by understanding the feelings of someone in trouble, speaking on their behalf and caring for their future.


Through dice rolling and storytelling, kids practice inventing BIG ideas and finding their courage.

Laser focus

A "Feeling Finder" helps kids increase their emotional intelligence and explore calming strategies.

Hero Me

By appreciating their strengths and beliefs, and discovering what is in their heart, kids learn how to find their courage and become the best version of themselves.

Become a Real Life Hero

Why Superpower Academy?

Become a Real Life Hero

Don't Let your Child Miss Out