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Hi, I’m Pamela. When I had the idea for Superpower Academy, I was working as a corporate attorney and renewable energy co-business owner and my husband was managing a busy dental practice.

After the birth of my second child, life became a sprint. When we managed o make time for our kids, we were too exhausted to come up with productive at-home activities. As I searched for commercial options, I didn’t like the dictatorial instructions and “right” answers that came with most. At the time, I was a fellow in an executive leadership program. Much of our work focused on competencies such as self awareness, emotional intelligence, risk-taking, resilience and empathy. Coincidentally, they are also fundamental for healthy child development.

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Pamela Joe


Founder Pamela Joe and Co Founder Riley Joe

Founder Pamela Joe and Co Founder Riley Joe


I’ve created Superpower Academy to give busy parents like you, a simple yet effective alternative to turning on the TV. Our activities are designed to promote social and emotional growth in kids.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower kids with the social and emotional competencies that are necessary for achievement and life-long success. We believe that kids "learn by doing" and create imaginative hands-on play that puts your child in control. And, our commitment is to deliver boxes that are delightfully fun and unexpected.

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S.E.L. Works

An extensive body of rigorous research (including randomized control trials, longitudinal follow-ups, and multiple replications) demonstrates that teaching social and emotional learning (SEL) skills and behaviors get results


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